Our services

We configure and deploy GPS-enabled mobile work-tools for organisations that have a geographically distributed work-forces. We have built our very own cloud-based service delivery platform to offer these services to you.

Whether your work-force needs to take photos, send text and voice messages, scan QR or barcodes, or 'auto-magically' detect your assets in the field, our app work-tools can reliably record it and report it. Our apps will timestamp reports, gps-locate and send them to your processing centres in near real-time!

Even if you have distributed resource management centres that receive reports from defined catchment zones, we can filter the reports on your behalf by adding geographic boundaries (geo-fences) to our platform for each centre. Our platform is so unique that it is even designed to extend your work-force by reaching out to the public as a human sensor network, i.e. crowd-source productivity, if of course you can benefit from it! The platform can even integrate digital campaigns to raise the awareness to targeted audiences on your behalf.

Our platform solutions are designed to be deployed within 12 weeks across the major mobile platforms (i.e. Android, iOS, Web) at affordable cost (i.e. at operational expenditure levels).

Our secure Web Management Portal and Web Services provide operators, decision makers, and analysts in your organisation, the interface to respond to reports, and also analyse the collective value of the data captured by our tools.


Who are we?

PepperStack Global (PSG) and its partners are a diverse network of specialists who have come together with their vast experiences to create strategic, globally scalabe, mission-centric systems.

Governments, corporations and community groups will all benefit from PepperStack Global success in web sciences and service delivery using the NeatStreets service delivery platform for maximising their ROIs - whatever they may be!

Our Philosophy

Be brave enough to shape the future. Bring harmony to our communities using smarter technology.

Our Vision

To make people feel as safe outside as they feel at home.

Our Mission

Minimise public risk. Maximise public safety.

What people say about us?

Here is just a handful of comments from our user ...

  • Since implementation of the fault-reporting system, uptake by users has almost doubled since the beginning of 2016 and Essential Energy is focused on achieving all streetlight fault-reporting through NeatStreets.

    Essential Energy

    Power Distribution Network Provider - NSW & QLD

  • PLUS definitely recommend the use of the NeatStreets platform whitelabelling to other companies operating in complex infrastructure services. The integration of NeatStreets platform with asset management and maintenance systems would have a significant ROI benefit for express way operators and transport organisations.


    Largest highway concessionaries operator company in Malaysia.

  • I must say that this is the most community and action oriented app as well as service I have ever seen. … Absolutely love love love love love this app and what they are doing! 10/10/10!


    Community Member

  • Did two notifications. One for a burnt street light. The other for missing manhole cover. Both fixed within days.


    Community Member

  • Amazing app!!! Tell your friends! I've been using it for 6 years and it does wonders!!


    Community Member

Our team


Neil Kuruppu

Chief Executive Officer

Neil is CEO of PepperStack Global. His background is in Defence in UK and Australia. Neil is a visionary who is focused on solving complex social and community-based problems. Neil is looking to grow PepperstackGlobal's services across the globe.


Ernest Stabek

Chief Strategy Officer

Ernest is Chief Strategy Officer of PepperStack Global. His background is in Commerce/CFO in Asia Pacific. Ernest is a strategist focused on partnering /collaborations. Ernest is maximizing. PepperStack Global's growth opportunities across the globe..


Gary Schiralli

Geo-Spatial Director

Gary is Geo Spatial Director of PepperStack Global. His background is in telecommunications, voice, video and data. Gary is a electronic engineer in Digital Network design and real time signal processing in geo spherical geometries. His involvement in geo-spatial technologies puts him at the helm of geo-processing for PepperStack Global.

Our beautiful projects

Here is a handful of projects we have delivered to industry recently ...


NeatStreets AroundMe

Tool for crowd-sourcing asset faults.



City-works tool for blame mitigation.



Tool for monitoring flora and fauna



Tool for highway asset maintenance

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