Asset Monitoring Made Easy

You can start monitoring your assets in 24 hours

We have made it so, so easy to have your GIS datasets served to our mobile apps tools, that you can have your workforce monitoring and recording your assets from the field within 24 hours. Not only that, you can monitor assets located anywhere across the world.

With our unique social technology you can even have citizens monitoring your public-facing assets for you, (i.e. crowd-sourced asset monitoring).

Our app-tools have 4 features that make asset-monitoring both powerful and effortless...


1. Our Apps are Ready to Use

You can deploy your asset datasets to our mobile work-tools to make them only visible to your workforce (i.e. privately deployed).

Alternatively, if you have public assets, you can deploy these datasets onto our public apps already being used by citizens. This way, you can have citizens engaged reporting issues with your assets too!. The choice is entirely yours.


2. Elegant Asset-Layering

We have designed our asset user-interface to allow you to elegantly organise your assets into layers and be able switch their visibility and selectability on and off.

It gets better ...

Managing Assets Belonging to Multiple Organisations

If you manage assets belonging to multiple organisations, you can register each organisation on our online management portal and manage the entire suite of assets from the one app!


3. Built-in QR and Barcode Scanner

If your assets have QR or barcodes, our app work-tools can decode and attach the information to the reports that you lodge.


4. Situational Awareness and In-App Status Updates

Our app-tools are designed to 'notice' asset reports by other members of your your work-force in the vicinity.

With the right authorization privileges, you can send messages and even update the status of their asset reports from within the app.